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We specialise in delivering bespoke high-quality, high-impact multichannel communications solutions to meet our clients’ needs.
Our service offering includes the following:

Excellence in Delivery: What Our Clients Say about Us

  • The Helios team is the only team I can trust to keep everything aligned and up to date.
  • A massive thank you for your excellent work – very well done! You are a great team to work with and really do a high-quality job! I also receive constant positive feedback of your excellence from other team members.
  • Love the creativity – top job! Thanks for all your help in 2018 – you have done great work in this critical phase of our journey.
  • You did a tremendous job organising and facilitating the conference, and I thought it was a great success and a lot of fun. I am sure at times you felt it was like trying to herd a group of cats, but somehow you managed to keep it moving along at a good pace and on schedule…
  • These articles of interest synopses are very well done and provide an excellent and helpful resource for us.
  • You rock! Thank you!
  • A huge, huge thank you for all your efforts! From our perspective, the meeting was a massive success – I am delighted with the outcome, and the feedback so far was extremely positive. Looking forward to working with you all on the next phase!
  • It was an amazing meeting. Great to meet with such positive people, patients, nurses and your team. These opportunities are very rare for nurses, so I really appreciated a space to share my passion but also see such wonderful examples of people living with a lung cancer diagnosis.
  • So amazing, and we’re so grateful!
  • I can’t express properly how much of a relief it has been having you move everything forward so quickly.
  • We greatly appreciate the Helios team in facilitating an excellent symposium – thank you so much!
  • Thank you very much for your consistent attention to detail, which helps ensure that we deliver the high-quality content which is greatly valued by markets.
  • You guys are super-efficient!
  • Having had support by the Helios team is just great – I am confident that it will be a success!
  • You guys are amazing compared to other vendors we’re working with!
  • Well done! I really appreciate that you referenced the documents to the level of detail that you did. Thank you!
  • Good news: Helios is on board to help with the organising, formatting, filling gaps, and helping with the work to get it approved! Continuity!
  • Thank you for once again delivering another amazingly comprehensive and detailed piece of work!
  • Thank you for the fantastic collaboration and all your support this year!
  • Splendid job, Helios!
  • We would not have made it without you!
  • Thank you for your patience, professionalism, super-fast responses and overall excellent support. It is a pleasure to work with you!
  • I think you have done a tremendous job… I am really in awe – these comments are fine tuning!
  • I knew it was a challenge, but I know you always do miracles :)
  • These slides really look amazing; I love what you do to them.
  • It has been a pleasure working with you all so far. Everything was taken care of in due time and with high quality. That’s wonderful!
  • Your modules are always very detailed and thorough, but this one is exceptional!

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